Analysis of Williamson nanofluid with velocity and thermal slips past over a stretching sheet by Lobatto IIIA numerically

Sharafat Ali, Muhammad Raja, Tahir Cheema, Iftikhar Ahmad, Numan Mian, Muhammad Shoaib
2021 Thermal Science  
A novel numerical computing framework through Lobatto IIIA method is presented for the dynamical investigation of nanofluidic problem with Williamson fluid flow on a stretching sheet by considering the thermal slip and velocity. The impact of thermophoresis and brownian motion on phenomena of heat transfer are explored by using Buongiorno model. The governing nonlinear partial differential system representing the mathematical model of the Williamson fluid is transformed in to a system of ODEs
more » ... incorporating the competency of non-dimensional similarity variables. The dynamics of the transformed system of ODEs are evaluated through the Lobatto IIIA numerically. Sufficient graphical and numerical illustrations are portrayed in order to investigate and analyze the influence of physical parameters; Williamson parameter, Prandtl number, Lewis number, Schmidt number, ratio of diffusivity parameter and ratio of heat capacitance parameter on velocity, temperature and concentration fields. The numerically computed values of local Nusselt number, local Sherwood number and Skin friction coefficient are also inspected for exhaustive assessment. Moreover, the accuracy, efficiency and stability of the proposed method is analyzed through relative errors.
doi:10.2298/tsci200620159a fatcat:tncb74cxuvapdmihaq36hdapva