On the Criteria for Religious Commitment in Islam
О критериях религиозности в исламе

Abdulagatov Zaid Magomedovich, Dagestan Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
2020 Islamovedenie  
The author makes an attempt to analyze from philosophical and sociological standpoint the criteria for religious commitment in Islam and to describe scientific approaches to defining these criteria in sociological studies. The author maintains that in modern Islam there are no uni-form criteria for religious commitment and indicates the reasons for their absence. Some contro-versial issues of the criteria for religious commitment existing in the sociology of religion are assessed. In
more » ... ssed. In particular, it is shown that religious self-identification of a person as a criterion for his/her religious commitment is a necessary but insufficient condition thereof. Emphasis is made on the need to determine the criteria for religious commitment, its epistemological and ontologi-cal aspects, highlighting the defining side in the interaction of these opposite sides. The article suggests a broader approach to Islamic religious commitment through the concepts of "norma-tive" Islam, "mass religious consciousness", "popular" Islam, and regional Islamic conscious-ness. These concepts are constituents of the general concept of "Muslim culture". They are only partially reducible to each other and express in different ways the content of Islamic culture and, as a consequence, Islamic religious commitment.
doi:10.21779/2077-8155-2020-11-3-57-71 fatcat:txljnxepo5eyxb5dqnbft3z4km