Does Prenatal Anxiety or Depression Symptoms Associate With Asthma or Atopic Diseases Throughout the Offspring's Childhood? An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-analysis [post]

Shuguang Chen, Sheng Chen
2020 unpublished
Background:Asthma is the most common respiratory disease among children, while atopic disease such as atopic dermatitis affects about 20% infants under 2 years old. Recently, the investigators found that they may all be related to prenatal depression or anxiety, but further research and analysis are needed. This study aimed to explore the association between prenatal psychiatric disorder and childhood asthma or atopic disease in a systematic review and meta-analysis of nine studies. Methods:We
more » ... earched PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane library up to May 2020. The primary outcome was the childhood asthma and childhood atopic dermatitis. We used random-effects model because of high heterogeneity indicated by I2 >50% and P<0.10. Results:A total of 598 studies were initially entered the PRISMA flow process, after selection, there had 9 studies met our inclusion criteria. Prenatal mental disorder is associated with childhood asthma (ES=1.146, 95%CI: 1.054-1.245, P=0.001; I2=93.5%, Pheterogeneity<0.001) whereas no statistically significant had been found on childhood atopic dermatitis (ES=1.211, 95%CI: 0.982-1.494, P=0.073; I2=78.5%, Pheterogeneity<0.001). The childhood asthma seems to be related more to depression (ES=1.170, 95%CI: 1.061-1.291, P=0.002) and anxiety/depression (ES=1.157, 95%CI: 1.050-1.275, P=0.073; I2=95.3%, Pheterogeneity<0.001). Conclusion:This present meta-analysis demonstrated that prenatal mental disorder increased the risk of childhood asthma. We limited the included samples to pregnant women to investigate the association between prenatal psychological factors and offspring's physical health. Future study should include large high-quality cohort studies to investigate behavior, environmental and genetic causes for this association
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:qced6pl4enhv7jx3aenccheg4y