PCR-Based Method for Isolation of Full-Length Clones and Splice Variants from cDNA Libraries

Luke Alphey
1997 BioTechniques  
Most cDNA library screening procedures do not distinguish between full-length and incomplete clones and therefore may yield incomplete cDNA fragments. Thus, there is a widespread need for a method allowing the efficient selection of full-length clones. I present a rapid, PCR-based method that allows the simultaneous screening of >10 6 cDNAs. The longest cDNA is identified in the first step so that incomplete clones may be eliminated from study at this stage to save time. The method also
more » ... method also facilitates the identification and isolation of rare splice variants from a background of a more abundant variant.
doi:10.2144/97223st02 pmid:9067026 fatcat:vgdh2frgr5hprna2hbqxymxfpa