Dicranochaete quadriseta (Korš). Nov. and Pop. from an oligominerotrophic peat bog in Lower Silesia (South-Western Poland)

Jan Matuła
2011 Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae  
Dicranochaete quadriseta (Korš.) Nov. and Pop. was collected during investigations of algae from mountain peat bogs of the Sudeten Mts (Poland). The paper describes the morphology, taxanomy, geographical distribution and ecological conditions of this species. This very rare species was found in an oligominerotrophic peat bog called "Topieliska-Zieleniec" near Duszniki (Orlickie Mts).
doi:10.5586/asbp.2005.004 fatcat:ftmc7ygdljdhjjlxv4yvn6kdei