Anti-Turing Machine [article]

Viacheslav Dubeyko
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The invention of CPU-centric computing paradigm was incredible breakthrough of computer science that revolutionized our everyday life dramatically. However, the CPU- centric paradigm is based on the Turing machine concept and, as a result, expensive and power-hungry data transferring between the memory and CPU core is inevitable operation. Anti-Turing machine paradigm can be based on two fundamental principles: (1) data-centric computing, and (2) decentralized computing. Anti-Turing machine is
more » ... ble to execute a special type of programs. The commands of such program have to be addressed to the 2D or 3D persistent memory space is able to process data in-place. This program should not define the position or structure of data but it has to define the goal of data processing activity. Generally speaking, it needs to consider the whole memory space like the data transformation space. But the data placement, particular algorithm implementation, and strategy of algorithm execution are out of scope of the program.
arXiv:1903.09653v1 fatcat:42of2tzixrflljcnal7xqua3o4