Effect of External Use of Sesame Oil in the Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Phlebitis

Nilufar Nekuzad, Tahereh Torab, Faraz Mojab, Hamid Alavi-Majd, Payam Azadeh, Gholamreza Ehtejab
2012 of Medical Sciences and Health Services Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
Intravenous chemotherapy is an important mean for the treatment of cancers. Infusion phlebitis (Ph) is a common and acute complication of chemotherapy. The frequency of Ph is about 70% in patients undergoing chemotherapeutic management. It can induce the pain, increase the risk of thrombophlebitis, lead to incomplete follow-up, and thereby, affect the patient's health status. Respecting the great importance of these issues, it is essential to prevent Ph. This study conducted to determine the
more » ... to determine the effect of external use of Sesame Oil (SO) in the prevention of Ph. Sixty patients with colon or rectum cancer, who admitted for chemotherapeutic management, enrolled in clinical trial and were randomly divided into two equal groups: Control and Intervention. Ten drops of SO was applied twice a day for 14 days externally in intervention group, whereas the control group received nothing. Incidence and grade of Ph was measured in both groups. Data was analyzed through independent t-test, Χ 2 , Fisher's exact test, Mann-Whitney, and Lagrange survival using SPSS 16. The incidence of Ph was 10% and 80% in intervention group and control group, respectively. There was a significant difference between two groups (p < 0.05). Ph was 8 times more frequent in control group (R R = 8; AR R = 70%). In addition, there was statistically significant difference between the grade and incidence of Ph with SO and control group (p < 0.05). According to these results, it seems that external use of SO is effective, safe and well-tolerated for prophylaxis from Ph. Therefore, it can be suggested as a selected prevention method for reducing the complication.