Nonleptonic Hyperon Decays and Lightlike Chiral Structure of Hadrons

A. Toyoda, S.-y. Furui, T. Tsuchida, M. Imoto
1976 Progress of theoretical physics  
On the basis of the lightlike chiral structure of hadrons, we investigate the S-and P-wave nonleptonic decays of hyperons. Assuming that (i) the 1/2c octet baryons transform as (6, 3) under the chiral SU, (3) (?)SU, (3) and (ii) the weak Hamiltonian transforms as octet under either the left-handed or the right-handed SU, (3), we show that the equal x+ -commutator terms satisfy the Lil=l/2 rules and the L-S relation for the S-wave decays, and the L1I=li2 rule for the P-wave I -decays.
more » ... -decays. 1Vonlcptonic Tlypcron Decays 1:)83 weak Hamiltonian thus obtained contains a piece that transforms as 27-plet under the ordinary SU(:'3). Our results are summarised as follo1YS: 1. The S-and Pwave decays can be treated equally in our scheme.
doi:10.1143/ptp.55.1582 fatcat:qfkufg5d4vfa7hmd5o735ei3pa