Medium effects on Ξ− production in the nuclear ( K−,K+ ) reaction

Toru Harada, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
2020 Physical Review C  
We study theoretically medium effects on − production in the (K − , K + ) reaction, using the optimal Fermiaveraging procedure, which describes the Fermi motion of a nucleon on the on-energy-shell K − p → K + − reaction condition in nuclei. The results show the strong energy and angular dependencies of the in-medium K − p → K + − cross section, which affect significantly the shape and the magnitude of the production spectrum for − -hypernuclear states in the (K − , K + ) reaction on a nuclear
more » ... tion on a nuclear target. The application to the − quasifree production via the (K − , K + ) reaction on a 12 C target is also discussed in a Fermi gas model.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.102.024618 fatcat:6syakycsavfnlbmogorcncuqsm