A Tool to Monitor and Evaluate Swimming: Development Design and Compilation of Model

2020 Sport Mont Journal  
Finis Tempo Trainer Pro (audible metronome pacing device) is an electronic tool used for pacing training and movement efficiency. However, it is not suitable for beginner athletes because the trainer cannot control whether the tempo of the movements made by the novice athlete is in accordance with the tempo set in the tool. A further problem is caused by the sound of the tool which is only heard by athletes so it takes awareness and honesty of athletes to match and maintain the tempo of the
more » ... he tempo of the swimming movement in accordance with the tempo of the tool. Coaches need tools that can be used to train the efficiency of swimming movements in novice athletes. The following criteria for tools to aid in calculating the cycle of swimming movements: the sound can be heard by the coach or athlete; it can be used by more than one athlete; it also has an affordable price.
doi:10.26773/smj.200220 fatcat:tc4e3mybxfh4fm2k77uld3urjy