Electroweak precision constraints on the littlest Higgs model with T parity

Jay Hubisz, Patrick Meade, Andrew Noble, Maxim Perelstein
2006 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We compute the leading corrections to the properties of W and Z bosons induced at the one-loop level in the SU(5)/SO(5) Littlest Higgs model with T parity, and perform a global fit to precision electroweak data to determine the constraints on the model parameters. We find that a large part of the model parameter space is consistent with data. Values of the symmetry breaking scale as low as 500 GeV are allowed, indicating that no significant fine tuning in the Higgs potential is required. We
more » ... tify a region within the allowed parameter space in which the lightest T-odd particle, the partner of the hypercharge gauge boson, has the correct relic abundance to play the role of dark matter. In addition, we find that a consistent fit to data can be obtained for large values of the Higgs mass, up to 800 GeV, due to the possibility of a partial cancellation between the contributions to the T parameter from Higgs loops and new physics.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2006/01/135 fatcat:i234tz3kirgdzpfvtlf5nbvlci