11. Surgical Treatment of Optic Injury

1965 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
We operated surgicaly on 18 cases which had the sever visual disterbance after head injury. The surgical method was transfrontal intradural on 13 cases and extradural on 4 cases, and through transorbital on one case. In the intradural method, avulsion of arachnoiditis at chiasma on 5 cases and exploration at optic nerve canal on 8 cases. We recognized some recovery of visual acuity and field on six cases. The portion of head where severe visual disterbance occour at head injury was mainly
more » ... or portion of temporal region and secondly frontal region. By fundus examination optic nerve atrophia and pallor of disc were recognized in 10 cases, but there were no relation with recovery of vision. At 5-110 days after the head injury, these patients were treated with the surgical procedure. The complete blindness what seemed to had occure immediate at the time of injury was no tendency towards recovery by this treatment. In such cases, therefore, surgical exploration at optic nerve canal would seem to have no value. However, if the patient has a little visual acuity, a reasonable improvement may be expected by such the operation as a result. Surgical Treatment of Optic Injury Takashi IWABUCHI, Teruhiko TANAKA, Eiji TSUKAMOTO From the surgical experiences of sixteen cases of optic injury departments, the following findings were obtained : 1) In twelve cases, the optic nerve was injured with trauma -150-ill of our the
doi:10.2176/nmc.7.150b fatcat:ggb6h3uhqraxnoln5rm56tkd6a