Conference/Workshop Attendance by Librarians: Benefits, Challenges, and Prospects

Jerome Idiegbeyan-Ose
Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal   unpublished
This paper discussed the benefits, challenges, and prospects of librarians attending conferences or workshops. A survey research design was adopted and a questionnaire was used for data collection. Copies of the questionnaire were administered to 64 librarians at a conference. 53 completed copies were returned and used for data analysis. The study revealed that librarians derived many benefits from conference or workshop attendance, such as it enables them to remain up-to-date, acquire new
more » ... e, acquire new skills, network with colleagues, develop article writing and presentation skills, and so on. The challenges that librarians encountered included high cost of conference registration fees, lack of sponsorship, and unawareness. The paper concluded that conference or workshop attendance by librarians is not a matter of choice but a must if they want to remain relevant and up-to-date in the information age.