The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, January 30, 1932] [article]

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Xb « »-» tt'L' li*t {.romolioat to list' vartout grades m the eWja»Btary »chooI> of NsDAimo. Tbt jgiBft'are given in i*rder of rank Cni* Sit. S«DiM> (|U> procnotn>tu lo Grade * until June) Betty C'arruiher*. Eileen Sheeran, Gill Jack Peynfddt, I.mminc BalhtrliTrd. iWeen IVttiirTcw. Doug-A«W< Adjrm. fjertnidc I>tmn. Uvina comment (.corse S. PtiTton. U T, Wilson. IVrtv f. wraan and Arthur I cishtrm were eJeeted V acclamation to the l»ard u< directsiM of Katuimo HotpL tal at the annual meetins
more » ... in the Canadian Legt-m HaM, which uai «eQ altendeil Mr. Harry McjCac wai elrrt^ ed by acclamation to fill a vacancy rauved by the rciueal of Mr. Frank Mc Carthy to stand for renominatiun. The meeting was noticahly orderh and the annual repeats and state ments. «hifh were read by Secrctary
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