Heat Capacities of NaNO3, KNO3 and (Na, K)NO3

R. W. Carling
1981 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
Some current designs of solar central receivers employ molten nitrate salts as the heat transfer and storage medium. The salt of most interest is nominally a 50/50 molar mixture of NaN03 and KNO3 . The temperature range of interest for the central receiver application is 623 to 873 K. Available heat capacity results are disparate and incomplete over this tem perature range. However, such data are important in terms of thermal modeling of the receiver system and for determining the quantity of
more » ... ergy storage. Therefore, an experimental program was undertaken to measure the heat capacity of NaN03 , KNO3 , and a mixture of NaN03 and KNO3 . Heat capacities were measured from 350 to 740 K for NaN03 , 350 to 800 K for KNO3 , and 330 to 700 K for a mixture of NaN03 and KNO3 . The desired temperature limit of 873 K was not obtained because of experimental difficulties. The experimental results are presented and compared with previous investigations.
doi:10.1149/198109.0485pv fatcat:73z3nvllevec7buxieobiukegu