Oil Fuel under Stationary Boilers

1891 Scientific American  
form drawbar of some kind, and it would save the lives of many men. Mr. Roach, of the same association, followed, speak ing of the danger of coupling the link and pin with the M. C. B. type. All of the new type couplers were a detriment and annoyance to the switcnmen. J. T. Chamberlin, master car builder of the Boston and Maine R. R., said that their employes who had spoken knew better what was wanted than the officers. The men of his road all favored the link and pin type of coupler. The
more » ... al plane draw bars had broken badly on his road, and now they had none. Wm. McWood, of the Grand Trunk R.R., said that, personally, he was opposed to the vertical plane type. The switchmen's views comcided with his. He did not think the M. C. B. type gave good satisfaction. The pin still remained, and if it became bent the knuckle would not work. Neither were the knuckles inter changeable, which was a seriom! objection. More sat isfaction and better results could be had from a good automatic link and pin coupler. Commissioner Rogers asked: What can we do?
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12051891-353 fatcat:7rb4dpuzmvf4hd2aa6kzgwnez4