Productive achievements in backyard poultry projects funded by the strategic program for food security at Tepecoacuilco, Guerrero, Mexico

Irad Jared Reza-Solis, Aurelio León-Merino, Esteban Valtierra-Pacheco, Martín Hernández-Juárez, Vinicio Haracio Santoyo-Cortes
2021 AgroProductividad  
Objective: To identify the socioeconomic factors in Tepecoacuilco, Guerrero that favored food productionand family income that improves their food security via backyard poultry projects.Methodology: 31 families with backyard poultry projects for chicken meat and egg production were surveyedand their information complemented with two participatory workshops.Results: The average area of the backyards per family was 48.27 m2 and 25.3 m2 out ofthem were used for the supported projects. It was found
more » ... that only 16.1% of the studiedprojects are in operation y families with active projects had improvements in their dietsince their consumption of eggs and healthy meats. Regarding egg production, anannual average of 187.2 kg was obtained in operating projects.Limitations: The conditions of local violence in the study region limited the possibility ofinterviewing all the beneficiaries selected in the sample. Conclusions: The beneficiaries improved their family diet with the financed projects,however, results indicate that family needs are not yet fully satisfied since thebeneficiaries still continue to buy eggs that they consider essential for their intake. Theprojects had null o little contribution to household income.
doi:10.32854/agrop.v14i6.1885 fatcat:o2gldpye5baunmzjdle2auxcri