The Chew Stick of the Prophet in Sīra and Ḥadīth [chapter]

Wim Raven
Islamic Thought in the Middle Ages  
The centrality of the Prophet sīra (lifestyle) in Islamic culture and civilization, which includes the role of the intermediary of the Prophet in receiving the revelation and the human, social, and cultural-civilizational formation of it, requires that firstly, the various aspects of this sīra are known and secondly, its anthropological, moral and sociological principles, and, in general, its function in Islamic culture and civilization, are to be derived for making a culture and civilization.
more » ... and civilization. This will not be achieved except in the light of the requirements and identification of various kinds of the sources of the Prophet Sīra. The purpose of this article is by a holistic view and content analysis method to explain the religiouscivilization requirements of the source's identification (based on the various aspects of his personality), the recognition of its varieties. Important and well-known books on Prophet life include three types of Sīra and Maghāzī, general Chronicles, and the local Chronicles of Mecca and Medina, which are excluded from this study. Instead, such types as the Qur'an and its interpretations, hadīth collections, biographical dictionaries, Futūḥ (conquests) and Kharādj (land taxation) books, as well as geographical and theological works by the seventh century AH, which have been less studied or neglected in SĪRA studies, are examined.
doi:10.1163/ej.9789004165656.i-711.107 fatcat:cgcgkjrs4nccxc5yncw6d4pbgi