Soft-x-ray-induced ionization and fragmentation dynamics of Sc3N@C80 investigated using an ion-ion-coincidence momentum-imaging technique

Hui Xiong, Razib Obaid, Li Fang, Cédric Bomme, Nora G. Kling, Utuq Ablikim, Vladimir Petrovic, Chelsea E. Liekhus-Schmaltz, Heng Li, Rene C. Bilodeau, Thomas Wolf, Timur Osipov (+2 others)
2017 Physical Review A  
The fragmentation dynamics of an endohedral fullerene, Sc 3 N@C 80 , after absorption of a soft xray photon has been studied with an ion-ion coincidence momentum imaging technique. Molecular inner-shell ionization at 406.5 eV, targeting the Sc (2p) shell of the encapsulated Sc 3 N moiety and the C (1s) shell of the C 80 cage, leads to the cage fragmentation through evaporation of C 2 , emission of small molecular carbon ions (C n + , n≤24), and release of Sc and Sc-containing ions associated
more » ... h the carbon cage opening or fragmentation. The predominant charge states of Sc and Sc-containing ionic fragments are +1 despite an effective Sc valence of 2.4, indicating that charge transfer/redistribution plays an important role in the fragmentation of the encaged Sc 3 N. Sequential emission of two out of the three Sc atoms of the encaged moiety, via Coulomb explosion in the form of Sc + or Sc-containing ions, is significant. We also find that the resonant excitation of the Sc (2p) shell electrons significantly increased the yield of the parent Sc 3 N@C 80 and its fragment ions, partially attributed to the collision of the energetic Auger electrons from the Sc site with the carbon cage.
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.033408 fatcat:voyst3uh4vbivm47pyktvw52gu