George Tandy Wilkinson
1903 The Lancet  
979 taxed, yet the actual cost of food to the consumer is far less than in our own country. Our fresh food-supplies, if made "imperishable" (as I have so long persistently publicly advocated) by proper means of killing or collecting, preparing, dry cold-air storage, and distributing, would tend to defeat the middlemen's monopoly. Various kinds of fresh foods demand different but definite (artificial) dry cold-air temperatures for "imperishable" preservation. The majority of these animal and
more » ... hese animal and vegetable fresh foods, especially fish, are cheaper to produce, store, and distribute, besides being much more wholesome, nutritious, and palatable in the "imperishable" condition than in their present perishable forms, too often stale and sometimes even poisonous. Of course, in the event of war, then only imperishable " fresh I food supplies for the people, army military and mercantile I marine can save the United Kingdom from starvation.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)51615-3 fatcat:ppobhgfiafcotfmcpohd3e675i