A spatio-temporal assessment of theTrachinotus botlashore-fishery in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

D Parker, AJ Booth, BQ Mann
2013 African Journal of Marine Science  
Largespot pompano, Trachinotus botla, is a surf zone carangid with a cosmopolitan distribution in subtropical and tropical waters. Within South Africa, the species occurs along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline where it is a popular recreational fishing target. Recreational fishing in southern Africa has developed significantly in recent years, and is now regarded as an industry with huge economic potential. The long-term contribution of South African recreational fisheries to local economies is
more » ... nt upon sustainable exploitation through effective management. iii An assessment of the T. botla shore fishery of KwaZulu-Natal using historical catch data revealed that the fishery is stable. Productivity of the T. botla fishery increased towards the north of KwaZulu-Natal. Distinct seasonal variations in the T. botla fishery were also noted with catches peaking in summer months and lowest during winter. A per-recruit assessment revealed that the species is currently underexploited (SBR = 62% of pristine levels), and fishing mortality rate could be doubled before reaching the spawner biomass-per recruit target reference point of F SB40 . A combination of the life history characteristics of species, the nature of the recreational shore fishery together with the current management regulation of 5 fish person -1 day -1 has ensured the sustainable utilization of the T. botla resource in KwaZulu-Natal. iv
doi:10.2989/1814232x.2013.769908 fatcat:mjpp6lacnjcbfcigdgih6hwh5a