Consequences of Criminals in Economy

Shaban Sulejmani
2018 Academic Journal of Business   unpublished
The criminal in all its forms is not an occurrence which is connected to a particular country, territory, religion or civilisation; however the truth witnessed by events in every moment is that the occurrence of criminal activities does not have a nation, confession, religious beliefs or identity. They are initiated by the hands of the individual who plans it, especially emphasizing the ones who fi nance it and input 'rented' elements with the initial intention to destroy, damage and ruin the
more » ... mage and ruin the economy and kill and shed blood as well, followed by the intention to deceit people through focusing on specifi c religious beliefs sometimes, as well as human rights some other time. Thus, every problem can be observed through collecting a number of important elements which are presented below:-Manifestation of the topic of the problem, which involves the type of activity around which the problem is developing, in order to stop its progress and development and fi nally, to end the eff orts which are being spent for it;-Manifestation of the size of the problem, which involves highlighting the fi elds aff ected by the problem, starting from the economic, social, political and other dangers that it involves;-Manifestation of the direct consequence of criminal activities problem, observing it from an objective point of view.