Approaching Highlights and Security issues in Software Engineering under Mobile Application Development

Mohan Sai, Muppa Karthik, Prabu S, B Pavan, Mahesh Reddy, U Student
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
There has been huge development in the utilization of mobile devices throughout the most recent couple of years. This growth has led to millions of the software application in the mobile applications. As per the current estimate there are hundreds of thousands of mobile app developers. In this paper discuss about present and future research trends with various stages in the software development life-cycle: requirements like functional and non-functional, design and development, testing, and
more » ... tenance and the evolution of the software engineering in the mobile applications. And the various life cycle models are used for various method based on the risk, security issues and resources. While there are several non-functional requirements based on the mobile application in this paper we focus on resources and security. In this paper we discuss the security issues of the software engineering for the mobile application. And for each phase of the life cycle we discuss about recent advances and then challenges in the current work and the chances for the advances in the future in the Mobile applications.