Two-stage controller design with integral action and decoupling

A.N. Gundes, M.G. Kabuli
Proceedings of 35th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control  
Two-stage stabilizing controlIer design methods that achieve type-m integral action and diagonal inputoutput transfer-functions are developed for linear, time-invariant, multi-input multi-output feedback systems. Integral action can be achieved with the proposed configurations if and only if the given plant is full row-rank and has no transmission zeros at zero. All stabilizing controllers with at least m integrators in each output channel are explicitly characterized. A parametrization of all
more » ... ecoupling controllers which also achieve type-m integral action is obtained.
doi:10.1109/cdc.1996.577605 fatcat:vr7mjf7vx5fizdg4qoy2wkjdwi