Vukan Vujović
2012 Sport Mont Journal  
Skiing on the glaciers has emerged as one more of the prominent and interesting representatives of unusual and relatively young extreme discipline. His appearance has reflected at the same time on the direction of the tourist group, which are rightfully called the adrenaline lovers or adventurers (in the broadest sense). All this has contributed to expanding the current tourism and sports exploited space, stirring the limits of human movement high, ie. deep in the untouched area of permafrost.
more » ... rea of permafrost. In the paper are noted the facts of the genesis of the glacier, the conditions that prevailing at this height (ie. improvised tracks), and of numerous effects that the presence of visitors leave on this particularly sensitive and specific eco-system. In the framework of the paper was conducted a research about the possible interest and awareness of domestic tourists (in the area of Novi Sad) for this kind of active rest. The idea was to present data which suggest to a certain conclusions on these issues, with the aim of determining the relationship of citizens of Serbia to the current trends in the field of sports and recreational tourism (having in mind the objective possibility of taking an participate in the category of special travel arrangements, material restrictions and difficulties in implementation of the same by the tour). A general task of the paper was to draw the attention of respondents to the chosen topic indirectly, and that among the educated and professionally qualified persons from the world of sports and tourism, additionally promote the new direction of global interest in the domain of extreme and adventure sports. Viewed from another aspect, it is about desire to foster thinking on the possibilities and purposes of further commercialization of worldwide trend in our area (at a higher level than the existing one).
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