Research on Output Voltage Stability of Non-Contact Excitation Motor

Ke Li, Xuan Meng, Xiaodong Sun
2022 Applied Sciences  
In recent years, electric vehicles have developed rapidly. However, many electric cars are equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors. Permanent magnet synchronous motors have several disadvantages: For example, permanent magnets tend to demagnetize at high temperatures. Electrically excited synchronous motors have several excellent properties. First, they are cheaper because the stator and rotor of the motor only need to be wound, which is more affordable than permanent magnets for
more » ... regulation. When the armature current reaches the maximum value, the excitation current can also be adjusted for speed regulation, which makes the speed regulation more flexible. In the case of a short circuit, the corresponding direct-axis current is smaller than the quadrature-axis current, so the fault tolerance is better. Since the traditional electric excitation motor has brushes and slips rings, sparks will be generated during commutation. Therefore, a new excitation method is adopted to make non-contact motor excitation, and the motor operation is safer and more environmentally friendly. At the same time, to ensure that the output power of the non-contact electric excitation motor remains stable, a step-down circuit and power-type fast discrete terminal sliding mode control are added after the full-bridge rectifier circuit to make the excitation current and voltage output of the motor more stable. That is, the output power reaches a steady production. In this paper, an improved sliding mode control algorithm is used to stabilize the output voltage of the non-contact excitation motor, which can still ensure the stable output of the voltage when the equivalent load changes. It is confirmed that the non-contact excitation motor can be applied to various complex situations, and the proposed algorithm is simulated and experimentally verified to verify the accuracy of the proposed algorithm.
doi:10.3390/app12073666 fatcat:2754dgri3nev5pmjjruvhnqvim