The transfer of certain contaminants by means of surface and underground water-flows in the catchement area of Arieş stream, Roumania

Mihai Terente, Geza Rajka, Alin Tudorache, Ioan Povara, Constantin Marin
2010 Travaux de l'Institut de Speologie Emile Racovitza  
Within an area heavily concerned by mining activities, chemical analyses have been performed in order to estimate the quality of the surface water and of the groundwater, by assessing also the concentrations of Ba, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Cd, Al, Pb, Sb, As adsorbed on the surface of the suspended particulate matter (SPM). The investigations have addressed a 108 km long section of Arieş stream. The analyzed nutrients, namely NH4, NO2 and NO3, are liable to accumulate within the phreatic
more » ... he phreatic groundwater, the corresponding concentrations being higher in groundwater as compared to those in the surface water. In contrast to the nutrients behavior, there is noticed that concentrations of arsenic and of heavy metals in the surface water are larger than those in hyporheic water. Those contaminants are yet mainly conveyed by means of the SPM, which have the ability to attach and to concentrate large amounts of undesirable elements.
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