Geospatial Embedded Technology for On-Site Tracking and Monitoring

N Wahap, N Nor, N Ahmad, N Yusoff, M Noor, N Ismail
Geospatial technology is a term used to describe the range of modern tools contributing to the geographic mapping and analyses which typically involve Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Remote Sensing (RS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). By manipulating these tools, users can easily plan ahead, scrutinize each data, improve service delivery, and optimize operation management. Field/on-site workers is defined as those who work most of their time away from their main office
more » ... heir main office and get connected via mobile and wireless devices. This paper will demonstrate a methodology to integrate geospatial technology with selected sensors to increase the on-site operations and management using mobile platform and optimize the workflows allowing real-time tracking and monitoring.