Organization and Operation Mechanism of Urban Design Guidance of Metro Hub Areas

Liang Wu, Wei Lu, Zongchao Gu
2018 Open Journal of Social Sciences  
Urban spatial relationship of Metro Hub Area is extremely complex, and urban design guidance plays an important role in promoting the development of urban space. Firstly, urban design institution system should be established with both restraint and incentive, making it be integrated with the planning system and obtain legal status. Secondly, the special agency unit with special committees in charge of urban design should be established in the urban planning management department to strengthen
more » ... ent to strengthen the coordination between the relevant agencies. Finally, whole process multipartite mode should be established, maintaining communication and supervision at all stages of urban development, and promoting the smooth implementation of urban design. The Significance of Urban Design Guidance of Metro Hub Areas Guidance contains the meaning of advice and control, which is a kind of management behavior with a clear purpose. Urban design guidance refers to a series of administrative activities taken by government departments involved in planning compilation, planning examination and approval, planning permission and the whole process of planning implementation in order to better exert the restraint and guidance role of urban design on the future built environment and achieve the goal of urban design. Urban design guidance mechanism is an important guarantee for the construction of efficient, orderly and suitable urban space of Metro Hub Areas.
doi:10.4236/jss.2018.610001 fatcat:sqnksnneczg2nmlw4mscknhhie