Features of psychophysiological characteristics in skilled boxers
Особливості психофізіологічних характеристик у кваліфікованих боксерів

L. Korobeinikova, Chenpen Go, G. Korobeinikov, Chuanzhong Wu
2021 Edinoborstva  
Purpose: to study the features of psychophysiological characteristics in qualified boxers with different levels of performance. Material and methods. The study used the following methods: analysis of scientific and methodological information, Internet sources and generalization of practical experience, psychophysiological research methods, methods of mathematical statistics. A dynamometer «Spuderg» designed by M.P. Savchyn was used to assess the special performance. The index of creatine
more » ... of creatine phosphate working capacity of boxers was determined (according to the test of the boxer's strikes fulfillment for 8 seconds at maximum speed). We examined 26 qualified boxers, members of the national team of Kiev at the age of 18-24 years. According to the creatine phosphate working capacity index, all boxers were divided into two conditional groups. The first group with a high level of working capacity (from 200 and more USD) and the group with a low level of special working capacity (below 200 USD). The first group included 12 people, the second - 14 athletes. Results: based on the analysis of scientific and methodological literature, it was revealed that a high level of special performance in qualified boxers is provided by a high lability of the nervous system and the speed of processing of visual information with simultaneous control over spontaneous actions under conditions of motor response. During the study, an assessment was made of: complex sensorimotor reactions (functional mobility of nervous processes; reaction to a moving object), specific perceptions (reaction rate to non-verbal stimuli). Conclusions. The study made it possible to establish that boxers with a high level of special working capacity have a balance between the processes of arousal and inhibition, while boxers with a reduced level of working capacity have a predominance of arousal processes and high values of impulsivity, which indicate the presence of spontaneous, unprepared actions when responding to external irritants. The connection between the quality and speed of perception of visual information and special performance in qualified boxers was also revealed. Keywords: qualified boxers, psychophysiological characteristics, special working capacity, types of control
doi:10.15391/ed.2021-2.05 fatcat:rj3xmxjonrgppfp5r5ag3d2hty