Interferometric Techniques and Data Evaluation Methods for the UTIAS 10 cm x 18 cm Hypervelocity Shock Tube [report]

G. Ben-Dor, B. T. Whitten
1979 unpublished
The UTIAS 10 cm x 18 cm Hypervelocity Shock.-Tube has) been used in recent years to study ionizing shock structures, flat-plate and side-wall boundary layers and nonstationary oblique shock-wave diffractions over compression corners. These phenomena were recorded using a 23-cm dia field of view Mach-Zehnder interferometer equipped with a giant-pulse dual-frequency ruby laser. In order to extract the maximum amount of data in these complex flows a digital evaluation method was employed. For this
more » ... technique a new approach to the theory of interference was developed. In this approach the spatial coordinates (x,y) of the various lines of interference (fringes) on the interferograms are put into digital form, thereby making a computer analysis possible.
doi:10.21236/ada067957 fatcat:bl27xa2phfhari6xmg6qo4pmya