Economic and Regional Studies

Studia Ekonomiczne, Regionalne
2014 unpublished
the objective of which is to develop and improve the quality of life in rural areas. The aim of the article is the evaluation of performance of the Rural Development Programme for 2008-2010 performed in Bielsk County within the ecological agriculture package with respect to agri-environmental programme. The evaluation includes inancial and quantitative analysis of programme performance of ecological agriculture. It presents averaged inancial transfers to ecological farms of each commune of the
more » ... ielsk County. The survey covered the following rural communes of the County: Bielsk Podlański, Brańsk, Wyszki, Rudka, Boćki, Orla. These communes are of typical agricultural nature, with the large ecological potential and the possibility of obtaining the funds from the European Union. The ecological aspect was also signiiicant due to a slight distance of the analyzed farms from the Białowieża Forest.