Iryna Andreitseva
2021 Ìnfrastruktura rinku  
In the conditions of the information society, the study of the processes inherent in the regional labor markets of Ukraine is especially relevant. The labor market should promote the efficient use of labor in accordance with the requirements of production, to ensure a rational structure of employment. Today, the regulation of the labor market at the regional level acquires special significance, as only at the regional level can their socio-economic, demographic, ecological and other features be
more » ... most fully taken into account. The purpose of the article is to determine the features of the labor market of Khmelnytskyi region. The methodological and informational basis of the study are the articles of scientists who cover the issues of statistical evaluation of the labor market, its elements, materials of periodicals, Internet resources on these issues. During the study, methods of systematic and logical analysis, the method of generalization of information, comparative analysis, structural and dynamic analysis were used, as well as the method of visualization of information using graphs and tables. The article defines the concept of "regional labor market". The peculiarities of the labor market of Khmelnytskyi region are investigated. The structural and dynamic analysis of the influence of factors on the regional market situation is carried out. The dynamics of employment by spheres of activity, professional groups is considered, its decrease by 13%, growth of the share of employment in the spheres of health care, art, sports is established. Unemployment growth factors have been identified. The unemployment rate rose to 9.9%, spread among the population with higher and vocational education. A high level of demand for low-skilled labor has been established, which has led to excessive differentiation in wages in the labor market. The efficiency of wages by types of economic activity, cities of the region are considered, the reduction of real wages is determined. According to the results of the study, it was found that the labor market of Khmelnytskyi region is inefficient, in particular: reducing the level of economic activity and employment; rising unemployment; there is a high level of demand for low-skilled labor, which has led to excessive differentiation in wages; increasing the workload of registered unemployed per vacancy due to the spread of crisis in the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic; reduction of real wages.
doi:10.32843/infrastruct57-15 fatcat:iuqqhqibz5emlhxkoywiluhi44