Determination of Ayancık Stream Basin and Its Morphometric Parameters

2022 Mersin photogrammetry journal  
As a result of the increase in the negative effects of climate change, many natural disasters such as drought, forest fires, and floods are experienced all over the world. In our country, especially in the Black Sea region, floods and overflows are frequently seen due to excessive precipitation. The disaster management information system and the land management information system transformed it into information with up-to-date and accurate data by correlating that is important. Storage,
more » ... , querying, analysis, and tracking model has created for local and private administrations thanks to the acquisition of data by remote sensing and photogrammetry methods and their integration with GIS. Thus, natural disasters caused by the negative effects of climate change can be prevented. It is necessary to model the basin in terms of geological, geomorphological, and hydrographic and to create a basin management model, especially in order to predict, monitor, and take precautions for flood and overflow events. In this study, the boundaries of the Ayancık Stream Basin, which is located on the Sinop Plateau and flows into the Black Sea by mostly flowing in the north-south direction, were determined and morphometric analyses of the basin were made. With the help of morphometric analysis, the hydrographic features of the Ayancık Stream Basin were determined.
doi:10.53093/mephoj.1123641 fatcat:fdkguns3yjfvbnm2ezvpbw2fde