Numerical simulation of helium(1+) and lithium(1+) collisions with C60 fullerene

T. Kaplan, M. Rasolt, M. Karimi, Mark Mostoller
1993 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
Classical molecular dynamics have been used to simulate He+ and Li+ collisions with Cw in free space and on an iron substrate. We observe the implantation of He+ to form endohedral He+@Ca at various energies in the energy range 35-90 eV. Li+ collisions with C60 do not form Li+@Cao. Instead we found insertion and fragmentation to form Li+@C54 and Li+@C56 in the energy range 115-200 eV. The yield of any particular collision depends strongly not only on the incident energy but also on the incident
more » ... lso on the incident angle and the point of impact and has a weak dependence on whether or not the c 6 0 is on the substrate or in free space.
doi:10.1021/j100125a007 fatcat:blvxvq3yajhb3n55sjukut2iu4