Fragments, Memory, City, Scale, Melancholia

Hammad Ahsan
As a documentary evidence of the year spent in retreat at the Cornell AAP under guise of the M.S. AAD program, this paper, in partial fulfillment of the requirements necessary, to a return to the profession, and other unassorted things, delineates the various distractions, and commitments, some more serious than others, that have occupied the course of these three hundred and sixty five days of escape. An undertaking in documentation thereof, this artifact provides an oversight of these themes
more » ... f distraction, from the confrontational manifestoes of the memories of places, to the more nuanced struggles of the fragments thereof, to a meandering melancholy through It all, and the tangents found, amidst all of it, into points of insight and interest, hearkening back to a prior body of knowledge and experience, to investigate newer folds in familiar creases. No answers are sought, none are given. That is not necessarily the purpose of retreat, or reflection.
doi:10.7298/gwqy-dh11 fatcat:zi6i73oem5ftfe43i62tcpchyu