English for Specific Purposes World

Corina Veleanu
2011 Issue   unpublished
Training teachers with English teaching methods I am a non-native English teacher, lecturer and researcher living and working in Lyon, France. My mother tongue is Romanian. I am specialized in legal English and compared legal languages (English, French, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish) in particular, but I also teach English law, the European Union institutions, English for human rights, English for communication, business English, medical terminology and general English at the University of
more » ... on. I obtained my PhD in 2007 at the University of Lyon on the question of the influence of the French legal language and culture in Europe, more precisely in Romania, Portugal and within the institutions of the European Union, as confronted to the English language. I am an associated member of the CRTT (Centre for research in terminology and translation) at the University Lumière Lyon2. Previously, I had been a legal interpreter and translator with the European Commission during Romania's pre-accession to the European Union. In March 2010 I had the opportunity to experience another kind of English teaching which proved to be extremely rewarding and challenging. For the first time, the Rectorat of the Académie of Lyon 1 and the English Vocational Training Department of the University Lumière Lyon2 organised an intensive training week in English for secondary-and high-school teachers of various non-linguistic disciplines, which is known in France under the name "teaching DNL". I. DNL teaching As of 2004, French teachers of non-linguistic disciplines have the possibility to obtain a complementary certificate which allows them to teach their subject in a language different 1 "Rectorat d'académie" is an administrative board grouping together French schools within a region, run by a "recteur d'académie".