Controlling the optical properties of intersecting waveguides: fractionally doping the intersection region

D.M. Gill, L. McCaughan, N. Agrawal
1991 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  
Modification of the refractive index of the region common to intersecting waveguides (fractional doping) provides a mechanism, independent of intersection angle, for controlling the optical coupling characteristics of this geometry. We derive a pair of expressions based on a multiple scattering analysis of intersecting waveguides which predict the coupling behavior as a function of intersection angle and fractional doping for both polarizations. The expressions are in good agreement with
more » ... reement with experimental data from several different laboratories. The conditions for polarization-independent coupling and polarization splitting are demonstrated.
doi:10.1109/3.81367 fatcat:jkrnehirtrehtcuozlb2kpi2um