Human Visual and Auditory Information. A Displaying Method for On-board Displays That is Based on The Adaptation Property of Human Vision
人間の視覚・聴覚情報 目の順応特性に基づいた車載ディスプレイの表示方式

Yasuo Sakaguchi, Kazunori Higuchi, Tomoaki Nakano, Shin Yamamoto
1998 The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers  
With the increasing number of on-board visual displays, it is important to develop displays that are easy to see in various driving environments, such as a snow-covered road. In this paper , we propose a new displaying method that is based on luminance adaptation, one of the human vision properties which is associated with luminance changes that occur while driving. In this method, the level of adaptation by the driver is estimated to the luminance outside the vehicle . Then the luminance and
more » ... e chromatic saturation of the display is determined by using the adaptation luminance in order to perceive the constant brightness of the display in different environmental luminances . Experimental results of subjective and objective evaluation that compare the conventional display and our new one indicate the effectiveness of the method .
doi:10.3169/itej.52.520 fatcat:dmbxpnpsyzht3crgimmxs5fka4