Impacts of Matched Batch Sizes on Time Reduction in Construction Projects

Euysup Shim
2011 28th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2011)   unpublished
Batching production is to process products in lots rather than by the piece and most activities in repetitive construction projects are performed by batching production. Batch size is a key factor which affects duration of construction project and it is recommended to use small batch size for early completion of construction projects. However, it is possible that batch sizes are different each other between activities, and no research about impacts of batch size matching has been conducted.
more » ... been conducted. This paper is to examine the impacts of batch size matching on construction duration. A computer simulation model which includes two activities was developed. Two hypotheses were tested under the Monte-Carlo simulation method: 1) small batch sizes which are not matched each other can reduce time depending on productivities and 2) synchronized batch sizes leads to earlier completion of project than unsynchronized batch sizes irrespective of productivities. The results identify an advantage of matching batch sizes with regard to project duration and show that batch size matching needs consideration of compatibility between productivities also.
doi:10.22260/isarc2011/0171 fatcat:vnwmu6knqbba3klhdrgoyrfnya