1965 unpublished
Ii FOREWORD This paper is the first of two papers documenting the Individual System/ Organization Cost (ISOC) Model and its applications. The ISOC Model is a computer program developed in response to a RAC study need to estimate the relative costs for large numbers of alternative military systems. The large number of alternatives under consideration in the study precluded the use of normal hand computation; consequently the computerized cost model was designed. The most significant aspect of
more » ... ISOC Model is its flexibility in adapting to specific costing problems. it has been used extensively at RAC in a variety of costing applications, examples of which are given in the following list: (a) In the study "Aviation Requirements for the Combat Structure of the Army" (the ARCSA Study) the ISOC Model was used to estimate the costs ,n a per-aircraft basis of the entire current Army aircraft inventory. Alternative estimates were proposed showing costs as a function of various support factors computed at each of several levels of organizational aggregation. (b) In a cost-effectiveness study of a light-observation helicopter (LOH) the ISOC Model was used to measure the cost implications of three competing aircraft and to evaluate the uncertainty In the cost estimates through sensitivity analysis. (c) In the "Surveillance and Target Acquisition Aircraft Study" the ISOC Model was used to determine the cost of various aircraft and sensor configurations in an organizational context. (d) In a study for the Advanced Tactics Group, US Armny Cor-hat Developments Command, the ISOC Model was used to compute costs for ni. zy multiequipment organizations representing different concepts of coeps forces. The emphasis in this document is on basic description of the ISOC Model rather than on cost-estimating methodology, derivation of inputs that can be used in the model, or analysis of the costs computed. Abstract 2
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