Chemical, physical, and radiological quality of selected public water supplies in Florida : January-May 1979 [report]

1980 unpublished
Prepared in cooperation with the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, Bureau of Drinking Water and Special Programs. K. Abstract (Limit: 200 words)Most public water supplies sampled in Florida meet the National Interim Primary and Proposed Secondary Drinking Water Regulations. This conclusion is based on a water quality reconnaissance of 131 raw and treated public supplies throughout the State during the period January through May 1979. In a few public supplies, primary drinking
more » ... imary drinking water regulation maximum contaminant levels were exceeded for mercury, turbidity, and gross alpha particle activity. Secondary drinking water regulations were also occasionally exceeded in some public supplies for such parameters as chloride, pH, color, dissolved solids, iron, and manganese. These parameters, however, are more related to the esthetic quality of drinking water than to public health aspects. Document Analysis a. Descriptors Potable (drinking) water, water quality, water treatment, public utilities, water supply, surface water, ground water.
doi:10.3133/wri8013 fatcat:bcmbloyajvaebepaeuy525iwru