Evaluation the Pollution of Sediments of the Shatt Al - Hillah with Heavy Metals by Using the Pollution Indices

Jwad K. Manii
2018 Journal of University of Babylon  
The level of pollutant of heavy metals (Hg, Co, Pb V, Cr, Ni, Sr, Zr, Mo, Cu, Rb, Zn, As,Th, U) , in the sediment samples on the banks of the Shatt al-Hillah River The study was conducted in the Department of Earth Science at the College of Science, University of Babylon, 14 samples of sediments ware collected from the banks of the river of Shatt Al-Hillah. The average concentration of the heavy metal in the sediment of the river bank in descending order: Sr (360.6 ppm) ,Cr (285.9 ppm), Ni
more » ... 285.9 ppm), Ni (203.2 ppm), Co (169.9 ppm), Zr (166.3 ppm),. V (116.4ppm) , Zn (91.6 ppm), Cu (48.8 ppm), Rb (41.9 ppm), Pb (18.1 ppm),As(11.1 ppm), Hg(5.7ppm),Th (4.2 ppm),Mo(3.7 ppm), U(2ppm,. The geoaccumulation index (Igeo) for Hg of five sampling station along the river was greater than 3.0, which indicate contamination of sedimentation with a high degree of pollution. The Igeo for Ni in11 sampling station and CO in 12 sites were greater than 1.0, indicated the moderatly level of polluted sediment. The value of the pollution load index (PLI) for the total sampling stations ranged from 0.7 -1.4.
doi:10.29196/jubpas.v26i8.1685 fatcat:7byu375xnzhkdkik224hhtmexy