Finite-temperature crossover and the quantum Widom line near the Mott transition

J. Vučičević, H. Terletska, D. Tanasković, V. Dobrosavljević
2013 Physical Review B  
The experimentally established phase diagram of the half-filled Hubbard model features the existence of three distinct finite-temperature regimes, separated by extended crossover regions. A number of crossover lines can be defined to span those regions, which we explore in quantitative detail within the framework of dynamical mean-field theory. Most significantly, the high temperature crossover between the bad metal and Mott-insulator regimes displays a number of phenomena marking the gradual
more » ... velopment of the Mott insulating state. We discuss the quantum critical scaling behavior found in this regime, and propose methods to facilitate its possible experimental observation. We also introduce the concept of quantum Widom lines and present a detailed discussion that highlights its physical meaning when used in the context of quantum phase transitions.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.88.075143 fatcat:jvudm6cf7fgpljhued5m3xbbru