Performance Evaluation Of Solar Cooker Using Some [N+4444] Based Ionic Liquids As Thermal Energy Storage Materials

Vasishta D. Bhatt, Kuldip Gohil
2013 Advanced Materials Letters  
Seven ionic liquids (ILs) based on tetrabutylammonium cation [N + 4444 ] and inorganic anions were tested for their applications in a solar cooker. Thermophysical characteristics like melting point, density, heat of fusion, heat of solid -solid transitions, specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity were used to determine the efficiency of ILs used as phase change materials (PCMs) in solar thermal applications. A delay time of two hours was observed on an average in achieving the highest
more » ... mperatures. A majority of the ILs extended the time required for achieving ambient temperature to a tune of around four hours. The ILs containing bromide, iodate and nitrate proved to be more efficient than the thiocyanate, bromate and hexafluorophosphate moieties.
doi:10.5185/amlett.2012.9420 fatcat:z6zov4hj6fcb7c3qsdusgfz2wy