Effect of Cold Rolling on the Hydrogen Desorption Behavior of Binary Metal Hydride Powders under Microwave Irradiation

Ivaldete da Silva Dupim, Sydney Ferreira Santos, Jacques Huot
2015 Metals  
In this paper we report that cold rolling could drastically improve hydrogen desorption kinetics under microwave irradiation. Samples of metal hydride powders (TiH2, ZrH2, and MgH2) in as-received conditions and after cold rolling were microwave irradiated in a vacuum using a simple experimental setup. After irradiation, the samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction in other to evaluate the effectiveness of microwave heating. The diffraction patterns indicated that only MgH2 could be
more » ... MgH2 could be fully decomposed (dehydrided) in the as received state. TiH2 was only partially decomposed while no decomposition was observed for ZrH2. However, cold rolling the hydride powders prior to microwave heating led to a significant improvement of hydride decomposition, resulting in the complete dehydriding of TiH2 and extensive dehydriding of ZrH2. These results clearly indicated the positive effects of cold rolling on the microwave assisted desorption of the investigated binary hydrides. OPEN ACCESS Metals 2015, 5 2022
doi:10.3390/met5042021 fatcat:4itm4ihvnbgzvnq5ch2aimnxaa