Toward Haptic Communication: Tactile Alphabets Based on Fingertip Skin Stretch

Yoren Gaffary, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Maud MARCHAL, Adrien Girard, Florian Gosselin, Mathieu Emily, Anatole Lecuyer
2018 IEEE Transactions on Haptics  
This paper studies the possibility to convey information using tactile stimulation on fingertips. We designed and evaluated three tactile alphabets which are rendered by stretching the skin of the index's fingertip: (1) a Morse-like alphabet, (2) a symbolic alphabet using two successive dashes, and (3) a display of Roman letters based on the Unistrokes alphabet. All three alphabets (26 letters each) were evaluated through a user study in terms of recognition rate, intuitiveness and
more » ... Participants were able to perceive and recognize the letters with very good results (80%-97% recognition rates). Taken together, our results pave the way to novel kinds of communication using tactile modality.
doi:10.1109/toh.2018.2855175 pmid:30004891 fatcat:xrnpy3fbkbgafk2d3iyqft7ysu