Uterine, adnexal and cul-de-sac masses. Comparative study by intravaginal and trans-abdominal echography
Massas uterinas, anexiais e do fundo de saco. Estudo comparativo por ecografia endovaginal e trans-abdominal

A Costa, F S de Andrade
Acta Médica Portuguesa  
42 female patients were selected for Trans-Vaginal Sonography (TVS) in an ultrasonographic study, after clinical examination, computed tomography or a previous study had suggested the existence of one or more lumps in the pelvic cavity. The TVS method gave higher quality diagnostic information in 55% of the cases studied, while the Trans-Abdominal method was better in 12.5% of the cases. In 79% of the cases the TVS was considered better in image quality while 11% of the cases showed the same
more » ... ge quality in all of the methods. The results agree with those obtained by other authors and confirm that Trans-Vaginal Sonography is of considerable value in the study of female pelvis, as an isolated exploration, complementary or otherwise with subsequent abdominal examination with or without a full bladder.
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