Modeling the Evolution of Beliefs Using an Attentional Focus Mechanism

Dimitrije Marković, Jan Gläscher, Peter Bossaerts, John O'Doherty, Stefan J. Kiebel, Wolfgang Einhäuser
2015 PLoS Computational Biology  
PLOS Computational Biology | In particular, we designed a new experimental paradigm and derived novel behavioral models to test the hypothesis that attention modulates the formation of beliefs about the relevance of several environmental features. As each behavioral model accounted for a different hypothesis about the underlying computational mechanism we compared them in their ability to explain the measured behavior of human subjects performing the experimental task. The model comparison
more » ... ates that an attentional-focus mechanism is a key feature of behavioral models that accurately replicate subjects' behavior. These findings suggest that the evolution of beliefs is modulated by a competitive attractor dynamics that forms prior expectation about future outcomes. Hence, the findings provide interesting and novel insights into the computational mechanisms underlying human behavior when making decisions in complex environments. Updating Beliefs Using an Attention-Like Mechanism PLOS Computational Biology |
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004558 pmid:26495984 pmcid:PMC4619749 fatcat:piz7p2ktc5felaow5cljt4q5jq