Charge asymmetry dependence of flow and a novel correlator to detect the chiral magnetic wave in a multiphase transport model

Diyu Shen, Jinhui Chen, Guoliang Ma, Yu-Gang Ma, Qiye Shou, Song Zhang, Chen Zhong
2019 Physical Review C  
In a multiphase transport model with the initial electric quadrupole moment, we studied and discussed the charge asymmetry (A ch ) dependence of flow at varied kinematic windows in semicentral Au+Au collisions at √ s NN = 200 GeV. We then proposed a novel correlator W which specifically focuses on the difference of elliptic flow between positively and negatively charged hadrons induced by the chiral magnetic wave and, more importantly, is irrelevant to the ambiguous A ch . We found that the
more » ... ribution of the second-order correlator W 2 displays a convex structure in the absence of the quadrupole and a concave shape in the presence of the quadrupole. We then studied the response of W n for both signal and resonance background in a toy model and in analytical calculation. Such a method provides a new way to detect the chiral magnetic wave.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.100.064907 fatcat:svlhrvbtnfgyzjzmt4fgcv2z7e